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Do I need an appointment to start an account?
No, come in anytime we are open!

What type of items are accepted?
We accept women's clothing (size XXS-5X) and accessories including shoes, purses, jewelry and gloves/scarves. We also accept children's clothes sizes 2T - 18/20. Check our instagram for what season we are taking!

How many items can I bring in?
As many items as you want, there is no limit.

How do you accept items?

Clean, neatly folded in a basket, bin, or reusable bag. 

How old can the items be?

Up to 2 years old or within 2 years of the current trend. 

How long are the items on the sales floor?

60 days. The first 30 days items are full price and the last 30 days items are 1/2 price.

How much do I receive?
50% of the selling price.

How do I get paid?

Stop in anytime we are open to get paid out for the items that have sold or use the money as in store credit. 

What happens to my items after the consignment period?
We donate items that do not sell to local non-profit organizations including Domestic Violence shelters, schools, Dress for Success programs, etc. If you would rather get your items back, you are welcome to pick them up before your time expires. We do not reminder call or pull items for consignors.


Are you looking for other organizations to donate to?

Always, please talk to any Threads employee regarding your organization and management will be in touch.

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